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94年10月から95年10月までベルリンのMegoスタジオ、ウィーンなどでライヴ録音された素材を2014年12月ベルリンDubplate Masteringで再マスターされたGeneral Magic & Pita " Fridge Trax Plus " 。この作品のオリジナル断片は過去に ‘Fridge Trax’ 12” (Mego, MEGO 001) May 1995、 ‘Live & Final Fridge’ LP / CD (Source Records, 960125) June 1996でリリースされている。PANにみられるクラブ系の文脈を吸収するミュージックコンクレートではなく、Edition Megoからの作品はもっと過去の現代音楽の文脈に近いコンセプトを持っていて独自の美学を感じる作品が多い。Peter Rehberg ( Pita )とAndreas Pieper、Ramon Bauer ( General Magic ) によって実行された " Fridge Trax " には、90年代WarpとSahkoから受け継がれて来たオーストリアならではの微視的サウンド、エレクトロニックが、冷蔵庫にセットされたマイクロフォンによって収録されている。General Magick の音響は " Accidental electronica ( 偶然のelectronica ) とも呼ばれ、このアルバムにはオーストリアとドイツの2つの都市を接続する鉄道路線からサンプリングされたフィールドレコーディングも含まれていて、色調のカラーパレットのような絶妙なテクノ、アンビエント、電気音響、ヒップホップなど多種多様なハイブリッドグルーヴが聴こえてくる。ジャケットはティナフランクによるアートワーク。

01 General Magic & Pita - Deep Fridge [Editions Mego]
Official stream from Editions Mego. Distributed by Kudos Records.
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Album: Fridge Trax Plus [ALBUM]
Track: 1 of 13
Title: Deep Fridge
Artist: General Magic & Pita
Label: Editions Mego
Cat#: EMEGO001LP
Formats: LP/Digital
Digital Release: 25th May 2015
Physical Release: 25th May 2015
About This Release:
20th year anniversary reissue of the two milestone releases that kickstarted the entire Mego / Editions Mego imprint and initial aesthetic. This deluxe reissue brings together the first MEGO release, 'Fridge Trax' and the full length album that followed 'Live and final Fridge', originally released on Source in 1995.
Made by the founders of the initial Mego label, Peter Rehberg (Pita), alongside Andreas Pieper and Ramon Bauer (General Magic) these recordings are legendary in their execution. It was these pioneering releases, along with the earlier Warp and Sahko output, that really pushed abstraction squarely into the formally safe realm of dance music. The results were amongst the most influential musical offerings of the period and the paths laid out have been traversed by many a sonic explorer to this day.
Both the EP and full length were made via the same process whereby microphones were placed in a fridge in order to harvest the unusual microscopic sound world within. The resulting hums, buzzes, flickers and icy drones were then reassembled and reconstructed to make an assortment of tracks which range from rhythmic, ambient and glacial straight on through to the downright bizarre.
Fridge Trax is landmark release, a white good rearranged as awry ambience and freak funk. One which still resides fresh and aside from the pack 20 years on.–+Fridge+Trax+Plus

Editions Mego
General Magic & Pita 'Shuffle Fridge' (EMEGO 001)

General Magic & Pita ‎– Fridge Trax Plus


A1 Deep Fridge A2 Dope Fridge
B1 Funk Fridge B2 Theme Fridge
B3 Thaw Fridge B4 Spring Fridge
B5 Deeper Fridge
C1 Shuffle Fridge C2 Phunk Fridge
C3 Cool Fridge C4 Ding Fridge
D1 Raw Fridge D2 Final Fridge

Editions Mego ‎– EMEGO 001
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation
Released: 22 May 2015

Written, Produced and Performed by General Magic & Pita
Remastered and Cut by CGB
at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin
December 2014
Artwork by Tina Frank
Remastered By, Lacquer Cut by Christoph Grote-Beverborg
*General Magic
Profile: General Magic is a duo consisting of Ramon Bauer and Andi Pieper, co-leaders of the Mego label along with Peter Rehberg (Pita).
Members: Andreas Pieper, Ramon Bauer
Real Name: Peter Rehberg
Profile: Peter Rehberg (a.k.a. Pita) (b. 1968, London) is an Author and Performer of electronic audio works. He also runs the Editions Mego label.