Ben Gwilliam

Ben Gwilliam

Ben Gwilliam - Oxide (E165)
from Entr’acte
Excerpt from Oxide ii by Ben Gwilliam

Ben Gwilliam - Oxide

Ben Gwilliam ‎– Oxide


1 Oxide ii 11:44 2 Oxide iii 17:15

Entr'acte ‎– E165
Released: 2014

Liner Notes – Rob Gawthrop
Developed during an embedded residency with Sound and Music at lab, London in 2011.

OxideはStill from Ben Gwilliam's Oxide (ii)の2部からなりスーパー8と16mmフィルムのディジタル・トランスファー。そして、テープヘッドの様々なサイズを使用して磁化されたさびと共に光化学加工を施され録音された。ここでのヴァージョンは、2011年に塗膜性能酸化物(ii)+(iii)の単一のスクリーンおよびディジタルの反復で、医学研修期間およびno.w.here研究所(ロンドン)中に開発されたサウンドと音楽が埋め込まれたもの。 " The Bleeping Light " とは、割れ目のある現象と心理学の知覚、synaestheticな滑り、そして波形と構造の間のスペースに居住する作品で、「見る耳」の役割を調査する音芸術家による視聴覚著作物。その映像は、音響が環 境中の酸素や水分などと酸化還元反応(腐食)をおこし酸化するように腐食物としての金属鉄の錆びた臭いがする。 " Oxide " は音楽的にはアシッドとも言える作品であり映像だ。思えば磁性体として磁気メディアに利用されているのも酸化鉄だし、オーディオ・テープ以外にも磁気カード、磁気ディスク、ビデオテープ等に利用されている。(*コンパクトカセットに酸化鉄を使ったものはTYPE1 ノーマル・ポシション・テープと呼ばれ、一般的で普及しているものの一つである。酸化鉄のみでは高域の性能が出せなかったり、ヒスノイズが残るのでコバルトを添加し、音質の向上を図った高性能ノーマルテープも過去には生産された。オーディオ・テープ以外にも磁気カード、磁気ディスク、ビデオテープ等に利用されている)。錆と音響の関係、いちどゆっくり考えてみたい。

Ben Gwilliam

Ben Gwilliam

empty spiel IV :: Manchester 2013
from Ben Gwilliam by sa
Empty spiel IV is part of an ongoing series of works on empty media. DVB receivers are tuned at home and installed in the gallery. Removing the Image signal, the audio signals are amplified across a series of small speakers, the change of locations in the signals broadcasts interference. Traversing physical & imaginary space voices, effects and other digital detritus impose over each other.
This version was Installed at Piccadilly Place Manchester for the exhibition 'Android' June 2013

Empty spiel IV 2013
speakers, DVB receivers, electronics
empty spiel IV from Ben Gwilliam on Vimeo.
As part of the ongoing series empty spiel (2005-present), IV continues to ruminate on the self-sounding self-made audio. Several DVB receivers are tuned to different channels in one location, then moved and installed in the gallery space. The relocation of the channels creates either noise interferance or silence as the pretuned wave lengths differs from place to place. Devoid of the image, only the audio channels are broadcast live-to-air across dozens of speakers. In activating the medium, the sounds are evident of self-scanning, seeking for a signal as space has been shifted.
Documentation from the exhibition 'android', piccadilly plaza, Manchester June-July 2013.

Ben Gwilliam

Ben Gwilliam is an artist whose work spans sound, film, installation & performance. His work explores how the mechanics of sound medias’ reflect the ways in which we listen to and look upon the world around us. His fascination with making sound drives a curiosity that forms as durational performances and Installations, film & video works and writing.
He has exhibited & performed Internationally in spaces such as La casa Encendida Madrid, The Cornerhouse Manchester, Artists Unlimited Bielefeld, Modern Art Oxford, & FACT Liverpool. His performance and composed works have been commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices Festival (UK 2010), Rumilingen new music (CH 2010), University of Salford (UK 2008) & IOU Theatre (UK 2003).
His music and performances work has seen him collaborate with Artists such as Claus van Bebber, Helmut Lemke, Lee Patterson, Rhodri Davies, Hainer Woermann, Chris Heenan, Michael Vorfeld, and Sascha Demand, Jason Zeh, Stephen Cornford, Matt Wand and others.