The Humble Bee & Players + The Humble Bee

The Humble Bee & Players + The Humble Bee

It comes and goes
from Hangfeng Chen
This stop motion animation is made from the process of the collages work, which is produced from images of different consumer products, that I cut out from free flyers, leaflets, advertisements and junk mail, which I collected during my residency in Sapporo. Two mirrors have been set at 60 degree angles, it almost looks like these consumer products are worshiping themselves according to the Shinto goddess Amaterasu. Therefore each collage repeats, which has the effect of looking like a snowflake pattern. The work acts as a tribute to Ukichiro Nakaya, who created the first artificial snowflake in Sapporo. But what will happen if there is no snow in the future?

夜になって風がなく気温が零下十五度位になった時に静かに降り出す雪は特に美しかった。真暗なヴェランダに出て懐中電燈を空に向けて見ると、底なしの暗い空の奥から、 数知れぬ白い粉が後から後からと無限に続いて落ちて来る。それが大体きまった大きさの螺旋形を描きながら舞って来るのである。そして大部分のものはキラキラと電燈の光に輝いて、結晶面の完全な発達を知らせてくれる。何時までも舞い落ちて来る雪を仰いでいると、 いつの間にか自分の身体が静かに空へ浮き上がって行くような錯覚が起きてくる。 ( 中谷宇吉郎「冬の華/雪雑記」)
このプロジェクト" The Humble Bee & Players ‎– Snowflake " は、1936年の中谷宇吉郎研究所の人工的な雪片を作るヴィデオにインスパイアされたことによって始められた。すべての雪片は1つの規則に従い正六角形の結晶で成り立っている。その法則に従ってCraig Tattersallは6人のプレーヤーを選び、足ぶみオルガン、声、ピアノ、ビオラ、チェロ、トランペットによる編成の、それらの楽器が、あらかじめ決められた60bpmで記録する6つのスケールに基づいて、個々のプレーヤーに60秒間隔による1分から6分までの時間の長さの音楽の断片を演奏するようプレーヤーに指示し録音された。そうして出来上がったそれらの断片を60分に構成し完成されたもの。空からしんしん降る雪の、2つとして同じ形のものがない正六角形の雪の結晶のように、息をのむほど美しいモダンクラシカル。2014年のクリスマスの贈り物。

Ukichirō Nakaya (中谷宇吉郎) - Artificial Snowflakes
Nick McQueen
Discovery of the atmospheric conditions that grew snow crystals in the clouds - 1936

The Humble Bee & Players ‎– Snowflake


A1 Ice (Snowcello)
 Cello – Danny Norbury
A2 Squall (Snowviola)
 Viola – Emmanuel Witzthum
A3 Flurry (Snowvoice)
 Recorded By [Voice] – Bill Seaman
 Voice – Marissa Katarina Bergmann
B1 Drift (Snowtrumpet)
 Trumpet – Thomas Ruhe
B2 Rime (Snowpiano)
 Piano [Re-worked] – Bill Seaman
B3 Blizzard (Snowharmonium)
 Harmonium [Box & Treatments] – Russell Burden
CDr Snowflake 60:00

Other Ideas ‎– OTRLP009, Other Ideas ‎– OTR009
Vinyl, LP, White
CDr, Stamped
All Media, Limited Edition
Released: Dec 2014
Ambient, Modern Classical, Field Recording, Drone

The Humble Bee & Players
Bill Seaman, Danny Norbury, Emmanuel Witzthum, Humble Bee, The, Marissa Katarina Bergmann, Russell Burden, Thomas Ruhe
Mastered By Matt
Mastered At Alchemy Mastering
Photography By [1931-Book/Photos] – Wilson Bentley
Distributed By Boomkat
*This project is based on a video of Ukichiro Nakaya creating artificial snowflakes in a laboratory in 1936.
Edition of 280 copies pressed on white wax housed in a PVC outer sleeve with black and white insert (A3 format).
Includes a bonus CD-R of extra material, housed in a stickered cardboard sleeve with insert/download card for a private file mp3.
**The vinyl contains a 6 x 6 minute reworks using each players audio as the main source for 1 of the songs, additional material has been recorded for these.
The CD-R contains a 60 minute piece of music constructed from the players audio, no overdubs, just arrangement and processing.
The file mp3 is is a live tape loop performance using cassette recorders and 6 tape loops. The piece entitled 'Snowflake Live' is 36 minutes in length.
***Mastering engineer and studio not credited, identified from matrix/runout.
**** The Humble Bee & Players Members:
Bill Seaman, Danny Norbury, Emmanuel Witzthum, Humble Bee, The, Marissa Katarina Bergmann, Russell Burden, Thomas Ruhe

The Seaman & The Tattered Sail - Light Folds
from Fluid Radio
Deluxe 300 run limited edition set / 4 panel heavy card stock gatefold covers / 2 x clear vinyl / 2 x printed inner sleeves / 2 x double sided 12″ prints / 6 panel (2 x CD 1 x DVD – There are 12 designs of the covers so there are only actually 25 of each in existence!) / 4 x limited edition A6 prints that rest inside hand typed/numbered photographic glassine bags / A2 double sided non coated poster / Scent / Printed download code / All housed/wrapped/sealed in black bags that are used for underexposed photographic storage
Total Audio Run Time:
674.11 minutes! (yes that is correct)
Light Folds by The Seaman and The Tattered Sail is a collaboration between Craig Tattersall (The Boats, The Remote Viewer, The Humble Bee, Cotton goods, Theodore and Hamblin, The Famous Boyfriend, etc.etc. and artist/designer) and Bill Seaman (SEA, Attsea, Otic.Info.Set, sp.op.cit, Spilly and the Drops, etc. and media artist exploring linear and interactive works). The work took place via the internet, sending differing files back and forth using Drop Box,, and vast quantities of email. After about 2 years Tattersall and Seaman met face to face!
It started with a simple back and forth set of responses to a few audio files, building up loops and tracks. Over time it built up to over seven hours of music. We initially made a double CD of works but we kept abstracting and remixing and colliding things. Tattersall brought his distinct form of “dusting” which explored unique forms of noise, tape ambience, tape degradation, etc. Seaman often explored abstraction using Ableton Live, especially in terms of time / pitch manipulation, and exploring the combination of a multitude of Ableton plug-ins. Huge amounts of data were sent back and forth! Occasionally we went a bit mad with naming and keeping track of things… Usually a number of mixes for each initial work emerged out of the process. Sometimes the abstractions went quite far away from the original tracks. The double album on Vinyl came late in the game where a series of shorter versions and new abstractions were defined.
Tattersall played Guitar, piano, dusted loops, analogue loops, digital loops, drum machine, analogue synth, synth bass, field recordings, abstractions, fragment constructions and reconstructions, abstractions of Seaman (etc.), analogue spatial recordings, artificial wind, crackles (record surface noise).
Seaman was working primarily with Ableton Live and contributed Piano, vocal, text, fragment constructions and reconstructions, time abstractions, quartet samples, trumpet samples, clarinet samples, drum machine abstractions, drum machine constructions (samples), digital distortions, bit reductions, synth abstractions, abstractions of Tattersall (etc.), digital loops, radical pitch shifts, noise enhancements, historical samples, crackles – record surface noise (from Tattersall), artificial crackles.
We worked with some excellent musicians in the construction of the samples…
Trumpet (sample recordings) – Robert Ellis-Geiger ; Ciompi Quartet (sample recordings) – Eric Pritchard (violin), Hsiao-mei Ku (violin), Jonathan Bagg (violin and viola), Fred Raimi (cello);
Clarinet drones (sample recordings) — David Beaudry ; in Ableton Live (construction space), and Seaman used a Roland Edirol R-09HR Ver.3.0 for instrument and voice recordings.
The musical influences run the gamut from ambient, industrial, glitch, dance, pop, jazz, classical, experimental, noise art, etc. Seaman has called this alt.genre in the past… although it really defies a single musical label.
The working process was quite exciting to hear what each had done with the tracks as an ongoing process… The project is incredibly rich in its subtle exploration of psychoacoustic spaces and layerings, and it is vast… The works form a series of plateau-like spaces where time is explored and erased, and an atmosphere for reflection and association is presented. Duration was not worried about and many of the works are quite long. The entire project has been incredibly exciting and rewarding in that we each seemed to pull the best out of the other!
It is also worth noting that as an aside to creating within this album, there was a huge element of learning within the album.
Working with a new creative partner always begins with finding a commonality in working practices, then from this you can bring your individual approaches to working practices, it is in the dialogue whilst working through these passages that you learn from each other. - Craig Tattersall

The Humble Bee ‎– She Possessed The Secret For Listening To The Stars


A (n-1)! 20:49 B (yn) 20:59

Other Ideas ‎– OTRLP006
Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Green
Released: 19 Jun 2014
Ambient, Modern Classical

The Humble Bee: Craig Tattersall
Distributed By – Boomkat
*Vinyl housed in wrap-around artwork and PVC jacket. Edition of 300
**The Humble Bee:Craig Tattersall

Craig Tattersall ( Remote Viewer、The Boats ) によるThe Humble Beeの2013年作の「Henrietta ( 2013)」に続くOther Ideasからのアルバム「 She Possessed The Secret For Listening To The Stars 」。静かな熟視と内省の世界を呼び起こすテープレコーダーのノイズや物が擦れる繊細なプチノイズ、破裂音などのクランチ・ノイズに、ピアノとギター、フィールド・レコーディング・サンプル、テープ・ループなどで構築されたエレクトロニク・モダンクラシカル。そのタイトルは「!」、「(yn)」など数学のための言語/命名法を思わせる。GreenヴィニールとアートワークがPVCジャケットに収納された真夜中の環境およびスペクトル電気音響作品が、1950 electro音響音楽スタジオのソフトウェア・シミュレーションを使って構築されている。

The Humble Bee - (n-1)! + (yn)
Егор Гусев
From the 2014 album She Possessed the Secret For Listening to The Stars

The Humble Bee - She Possessed The Secret For Listening To The Stars LP (Preview)