Florian Hecker & Mark Leckey

Florian Hecker & Mark Leckey

GreenScreenRefrigerator Part I
Mark Leckey
First half of GreenScreenRefrigerator. A black Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator was filmed live in front of an audience at Gavin Brown's Enterprise in October this year. The Fridge stood on a green screen infinity cyc while I coaxed it into revealing its thoughts and actions.

美術史家 Alex Kitnickは、音とその物質的な効果への興味を持ち、レコードに添付されたライナーノーツで、ヘッカーの分子のインフラストラクチャーを詰め込むための鋭いアルゴリズムのコンピュータ音楽と、Leckeyのワーク、彫刻、インストールの超越とニューボディと実存のモードについて言及している。この" Sound Voice Chimera ( 音声キメラ ) " において、Leckeyの2010年のパフォーマンスの断片「Green Screen Refrigerator Action **注1」(Leckeyは黒いサムスン冷蔵庫の内側の独白を詠唱した)からの声のトラックと、彼自身の“3 Channel Chronics” インストールを分解し、調整し、再統合し、3台のスピーカーからの別個の音が結合され変更されている。その結果ギリシャの神話の " three-headed beast " のような物語の破片を重くゆがめたハイブリッドなヘッカーの合成のテクスチャーおよび不安な色調パターンを散在させる 。
**注1 ICA、ロンドンでのLeckeyのFiorucci Made Me Hardcore (1999)以来、10年は経過する英国のユースサブカルチャーの映像から成っているもの。 その混合のドキュメンタリーのスタイリングと音楽ビデオ編集によって、踊り、夜のクラブを明らかにする若い人のスローモーションの映像は、文化的に音楽においてコード化されたダンスは、失われダビングされ漂流し切断し、クラブ文化の社会的なエコロジー、エレガントな記念物として示される。フィオルッチのパワーは、Leckeyの最新の仕事Green Screen Refrigerator Action (2010)によって補足される。フロリアンヘッカーは、計算言語学と美術を応用し、聴覚の戦後の現代性、電気音響の音楽、および精神物理学的なドメインの具体的で合成的な開発を扱う。
**VinylはRashadによりマスタードされたもので、ジャケットはspot glossアートワークが施されたレイアウト。ハイブリッドなヘッカーの合成のテクスチャーおよび不安な色調パターンを散在させる概念的で美的な作品だ。

Florian Hecker & Mark Leckey - Down
Artists: Florian Hecker & Mark Leckey
Album: Hecker Leckey Sound Voice Chimera
Florian Hecker and Mark Leckey’s new LP is rooted in a 2011 performance event at London’s Tate Modern of the same title. In its original installation context, Hecker deconstructed the vocal track of a Mark Leckey piece, GreenScreenRefrigeratorAction, on which the artist intoned the monologue of a refrigerator and patched it together with an earlier installation, 3 Channel Chronics. The resulting installation was a hybrid of Leckey’s monologues and Hecker’s sonic structures. Each side of the LP version features a single sound channel of the installation, with fragments of Leckey’s voice emerging from and submerging into Hecker’s dense electronic structures. A third channel of the installation is available as a download.
The collaboration is another iteration of Hecker’s recent Chimera series, where he subjects spoken texts from writers such as Reza Negarestani, Stefan Helmreich and Catherine Wood to extreme electronic manipulation, while much of Mark Leckey’s recent work has taken sound systems as an inspiration.
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Florian Hecker & Mark Leckey 'Hecker Leckey Sound Voice Chimera' (PAN 47)

Hecker, Leckey ‎– Hecker Leckey Sound Voice Chimera


A Unttled 17:31 B Untitled 17:31

Pan ‎– PAN 47. LP
Vinyl, LP
Released: Mar 2015

Mastered, Lacquer Cut – Rashad Becker
Performer [GreenScreenRefrigerator Vocals ] – Mark Leckey
Produced At Tate Modern
Mastered – Dubplates & Mastering
Mastered + cut at D&M, Berlin
Lacquer Cut – Dubplates & Mastering
Artwork [Processed Cover Images], Photography [Original Photography] – Florian Hecker
Layout – Bill Kouligas
Liner Notes – Alex Kitnick
Photography [GreenScreenRefrigerator Original Photography] – Thomas Müller
Written [3 Channel Chronics] – Lena Deinhardstein
Written, Producer – Florian Hecker
*Produced on the occasion of 'Tate Modern Live:
Push and Pull, a two day performance event', London,
18 -19 March 2011
Copyright (c) – Pan
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Pan
**From PAN website:
"On the PAN release itself, channel 1 from Hecker Leckey Sound Voice Chimera corresponds with side A and channel 2 with side B; channel 3 is available as a monophonic mp3 download."
PAN 2015

Cut Hands + Florian Hecker + Konx-om-Pax + Jack Wrigley @ The Art School - 29/03/14
from Konx-om-Pax
The Art School and Display Copy
Saturday - March - 29 - 2014
The Art School - 20 Scott Street
Cut Hands (Blackest Ever Black, Downwards)
Florian Hecker (Editions Mego, PAN, Rephlex)
Konx-om-Pax (Planet Mu, Display Copy)
Jack Wrigley (Laser Installation - 85A)
Facebook - facebook.com/events/706391982734044/
Tickets - theartschool.co.uk/events/
- - - -
Cut Hands
Solo project from a true icon of the British underground, William Bennett. Bennett founded Whitehouse in 1980, with a mind to creating "the most extreme music ever recorded". They succeeded. The group remained at the forefront of the experimental and noise scenes over the next 27 years, invariably creating controversy and stimulating debate with their choice of violent and sexual subject matter, before eventually disbanding in 2007. A specialist in linguistics and unconscious communication, Bennett now helms the mass hypnosis experimental project, Extralinguistic Sequencing, which premiered at Tate Britain in 2010. For Cut Hands, rhythm is his chosen weapon; on recently released album Afro Noise I - eight years in the making - he utilises vaudou and Central African percussion in radical new ways, generating a sound unrivaled in its physical intensity.
Florian Hecker
In performances, publications and installations, Hecker deals with specific compositional developments of post-war modernity, electro-acoustic music as well as other, non-musical disciplines. He dramatizes space, time and self-perception in his sonic works by isolating specific auditory events in their singularity, thus stretching the boundaries of their materialization. Their objectual autonomy is exposed while simultaneously evoking sensations, memories and associations in an immersive intensity. Solo exhibitions have included MMK (Museum für Moderne Kunst), Frankfurt am Main, IKON Gallery, Chisenhale Gallery and Bawag Contemporary. In 2009 he collaborated on a series of performances with Aphex Twin, including amongst others Sacrum Profanum, Warp20 and Bloc Weekend.
Konx-om-Pax (Tom Scholefield) is a Scottish electronic musician and graphical artist from Glasgow. Scholefield has created designs and animations for musicians and record labels, the latter including Warp, Hyperdub, and R&S Records. Musicians for whom he has done animations include Hudson Mohawke, Lone, Mogwai, Jamie Lidell, and Martyn; his sleeve designs have been used by Oneohtrix Point Never, Rustie, and King Midas Sound. As Konx-om-Pax, Scholefield released a full-length album, Regional Surrealism, on the label Planet Mu in 2012. Scholefield’s follow up record is planned for release on Planet Mu July 2014, with his debut world tour supporting Lone.
Jack Wrigley
Wrigley is a Glasgow based artist and Director, he co-founded the Art, Film and Performance Collective 85A and has recently worked with Untitled Projects, Bassline Circus, Cryptic, Not Quite and The Dublin Science Centre. His output includes, theatre direction, kinetic sculptures, installation photography, performance, laser design and music.
For the event Wrigley will be installing a special laser performance that will react and respond to the musical acts.